Monday, November 17, 2014

Drawing With a Ballpoint Pen

In Sketchbook Skool this week the class was with Andrea Joseph.  She is amazing, you can check out her work here.She does some amazing work with a ballpoint pen.  This was my first attempt. I drew things on my desk that were black.  It was the only ballpoint pen I could find.  I prefer gel pens so digging up a ballpoint was a little difficult. I found it easier to draw with than I thought I would.

The I found a red pen, so I drew some red pens on an index card.

Our next assignment was to draw a collection of things.  Here I chose some buttons.  I used a fountain pen for this one, basically because I didn't have any blue pens to use.

Our last assignment was to do some lettering.  We started with basic writing and then embellished some of the surfaces of the letters.  It was pretty easy and I think it makes my handwriting look a little more special.


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