Thursday, August 27, 2009

Additions to the Studio

It seems like every time my friend Lisa revamps her studio I seem to do things to mine too. Not quite as elaborate but I have a few changes. I put this shelf up to hold my collaborative books. Its almost too small. If I do another one I will need a bigger shelf.

I got the top tier for the Clip it up. It holds embelishments and so forth.

I got this table the other day. I had looked at it before when it was on sale for 129.00 but decided to wait. I went to see if the table was still on sale only to discover it was now 50% off or $99.00. Needless to say I bought it right away. Putting it in the room led to a complete cleaning of everything, I am not done yet but I am getting close. its basically a cutting table for fabric but I know I will use it for many other things too.

It folds up to a nice small space. Boromir is always trying to help.


  1. sweet kitty!! Enjoyed my visist here

  2. Lots of juicy creating going on here - working on the studio is all part of it, isn't it ?

    Making the plan and planting all your seeds and nurturing them is so great, Kate ! The book plans are sounding great too !

    Enjoy your weekend adventure !


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