Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A simple gift

I was out for a walk with Flynn the other day and just when I walked into the driveway I found this. I am not sure what bird it came from but it looks quite like the owl feathers I have found before. What a beautiful gift.

Some of you asked about the missing boy, Robert Manwill that I talked about earlier. Last week I was just about to mention what I knew when they found his body in a canal. I am sure you have seen the news reports. So unfortunately this tale has a sad ending. Right now there are no suspects in the case and an investigation is continuing. Thanks to all of you who were concerned.

I spent yesterday going to Bozeman Montana with a friend to pick up her mom who had been visiting a daughter. Its a 4 hour drive so we were on the road all day. The drive is through some beautiful country so it really was a nice time just a little tiring after all that time in a car.

For Creative Everyday

I finished this scarf the other day. It is made of cotton that I dyed in various shades of green. I am adding to a collection of scarves that I will eventually get posted on etsy. I have another scarf ready to be threaded on the loom so progress is being made on that front. I have my apron almost done, would you believe I ran out of off-white thread? I guess those big spools do run out eventually. I have to say the Amy Butler fabric that I bought is some of the nicest cotton I have ever used. I know I will be using her fabric again.

I started this shawl I found the pattern online. Its called Ishbel and is a small lace shawl that is more like a neck scarf. The picture does not do the yarn justice. It is really gorgeous in person, its a mohair blend dyed by a friend. The color is really luminous.

The pattern was done by Ysolda.

I also started spinning this fiber I bought back in June. Its corriedale wool in beautiful shades of cranberry and maroon.

It looks like this now. My plan is to make a 2 ply yarn and knit some fingerless mitts for my daughter.


  1. I love to find feathers! Yours is beautiful. The wool you are using to spin is gorgeous!! nancy

  2. I love the feather that you found! The scarf and shawl are beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!


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