Monday, August 10, 2009

Firemen in Kilts

My friend Amy invited me to go watch the firemens combat challenge held in our town on Saturday. Her friend Kevin was competing. First we heard the bagpipes and saw these guys. I didn't know that Idaho Falls has a pipe band.. Here they are warming up.

and here they are performing the opening ceremonies.

The firefighters challenge included the following.

Running up 6 flights of stairs in full gear with a 40 pound hose on your shoulder.
Pulling up a 40 lb disc from the top of the tower.
Running down 6 flights of stairs
Pounding this weight with a sledge hammer
Running an obstacle course
Running with a pressurized hose and hitting target with water
Dragging a 175 lb dummy a certain distance.

This shows the tower they climbed.

This is a firefighter dragging the hose.

Here we see 2 fire fighters, one hauling the dummy and the other offering encouragement.

This is our friend Kevin after competing. He won the individual and every other competition he entered. They had men's teams women's teams and coed teams. There were single double and relay teams. There were local teams and some from Colorado and Utah and Wyoming and Montana and the Air Force Academy. It was quite fun to watch and cheer them on. Amy and I thought about what leg of the course we could possible do and we decided we could be the dummy's. These men and women are incredibly fit and made it look easy.


  1. THank you so much,,I got the affirmation cards today! THank you for resending them!

  2. Heros all ! And those are some hunks in kilts ! Thanks for the eye candy ! ;)


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