Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vision Board

I believe in the power of vision boards so I like to use them for varous things in my life. This book project of mine is a big thing so it definetly needed a vision board. I finished it up today. I painted the entire board and then used foam stamps in several colors and images. Then I glued down a pretend book, a pretend article and some ideas I have for the book.

I like how vibrant it looks. I may change it over time like take off some things and add others. I could add a picture of me signing a book or the actual book cover after its designed or some reviews and so forth. There are so many things you can put on a vision board to keep the vision alive. Maybe today is the day you make your own.


  1. Good for you! It looks great. I especially like the book cover. And how's this for synchronicity....yesterday I began clipping pictures to use on a vision board of my own! I don't have it put together yet but I've started it. You are always an inspiration to me!

  2. I love the title....you are doing what you love, it is a very good thing. Hugs, Mary

  3. I like the way it looks. I believe in them too. I need to do a new one, it's been awhile. Thanks for the inspiration, Kate.

  4. Love your vision board..we know they work,huh?!!! Keep those visions coming. I am putting Paris back on the front burner..haha!


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