Monday, August 24, 2009

French Flea Market Apron

I am still into making aprons so here are the results. I loved this French market apron. You can't help but feel saucy in it. It was easy to make and you really do feel like dancing around the room when you are wearing it.

Then yesterday I managed to make this utility apron. I had this great embellishment of beads and a roman coin hanging off the button area but it fell apart. I tried to use it as it was but I should have restrung the beads. So I will most likely add it later. This little apron has four pockets in it and will be great to wear in the studio. It won't keep paint off your clothes but could hold scissors or pencils when sewing or drawing.

Working on my book.

Over the weekend I came up with a working title for my book. Its "Living your artistic dream" an in depth guide to becoming the artist you always thought you were. I am excited at the title and worked on a vision board for the book today. I plan to use the visual to keep me motivated to work on the project. I took a piece of my art and turned it into a book cover with title and all. That takes center stage along with a sample of ideas I want to talk about and a simple beginnings of an article. It looks pretty white so I think I will go ahead and paint the poster board before I add all the stuff to it permanently. Right now I have it hooked up to a large magnetic board. When it is picture worth I will post it.

I have done a couple pages in the stencil book. I used this filmy fabric that really looks like water. sad to say I am unable to photograph it well.

This page has another filmy fabric across the bird and a simple collage on the left.

I really like this image of mother and child and I thought that thw quote went well with it too. I added a piece of paste paper I had made previously. The colors blended perfectly.

This page is using that filmy fabric again. I cut the stamped mermaid out of card I received from my sister, she seemed to fit into the color scheme. I sewed some batik fabric onto the next page. I may add more to it later. I am finding this book is a real work in progress.


  1. Loving the aprons. And the pages in your stencil book are lovely with all the soft colours.

  2. The title for your book sounds just perfect! I can't wait to read it! You're on your way now, girl. WooHoo!

    Love the aprons. I'm planning on looking for a pattern tomorrow while I'm out. I think I'd like to make an apron to cover me in the studio.

  3. oo, i love your stencils!! the colors are gorgeous! you are so wonderfully creative!

  4. A great start on your book. Love the journal pages!

  5. loving all those effects beautiful work..


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