Monday, August 3, 2009

The Joy of kayaking

Yesterday I had the most wonderful time. I got to do something I love but haven't managed to do in years. Either D and I have had health issues that prevented us from going kayaking and it seemed like this year was going be the same. So I said we could take my kayak to the pond and I could kayak while you watch the dog. He agreed so we headed out to Roberts Gravel pond which is about 20 minutes from our house and I made it into the water again.

Doesn't the water look beautiful. It was just like glass and the kayaking was oh so peaceful. It really felt like heaven to me. It was just me and the water and all the birds. It was so peaceful. A sand hill crane flew over the pond right in front of me. It was such a beautiful a sight to see.

Here I am closer up can you see that I am really enjoying myself.

Later that day we were in Rexburg looking at the trucks at the Toyota dealer and afterwords decided to see if we could find somewhere open for lunch. I told D that nothing would be open in Rexburg on Sunday. Rexburg is 30 miles from home and home of BYU-Idaho. It has a mostly Mormon population so nothing is usually open on Sunday. D saw this sign that said Diner so we thought oh there is something open.

At the front were these 2 gas pumps so I said 'no its just a gas station' and D says "it said DINER on the sign", we went in anyways and it did turn out to be a diner called Joe's Filling Station and the food was fantastic.

The walls were covered in old coke signs and gas station memorabilia. It was a fun place to find on a Sunday afternoon.

After Jenn Lee attended a workshop with SARK she posted the idea for this poster. I liked the idea so much I had to make my own. If you have never visited jenn's site Artizen coaching I suggest that you do. She has a great spirit and wonderful ideas.


  1. The kayaking looks like it was so enjoyable!! And love your writer's wo-manifesto. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kate it sounds to me like you had a wonderful day. I love to see you in the kayak. I have never been in one.

    Love Renee xoxo

  3. Lovely adventures ! In the kayak, at a restaurant less travelled and in your own Soul work ! You live well, your Majesty !


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