Friday, February 5, 2010

Art supply Bonanza

I was out shopping today and stopped at Michaels and got all these.  Th good news is that the prices were incredible.  The bad news it looks like they are fazing out their Golden line so after its gone I will have to buy online.  The jars of paint were 1.99 and 4.99 and they usually go for around 20.00 or more.  I got the gesso and gel medium for 7.99 which is also incredible as it is usually 21.99.  I am stocking up on colors I use.

When I was at the other stores I picked up a few pieces of paper, some fabric for a tote bag and the deep cut blade for the Cricut.  I am going to try making some stamps this weekend.  I will show my results hopefully tomorrow or the next day.  In fact I was going to show the things we are making in the class I am taking but I think that I will wait and do them all together. I hope you are having an Art filled day.


  1. You are sooooo lucky! The Michael's here doesn't even carry the Golden line at all. I have to order everything online.

  2. Lucky Girl !!! You even bought the big pots !
    Yes, it made me mad that Michaels will no longer carry Golden products. It was my only place to get them here in NH. Now it will have to be on line I guess.
    Enjoy your creative time !

  3. Oh my what a great buy on paint. I'll have to check out our Michael's to see if they are doing something similiar. Good for you.
    Can't wait to see your creations.

  4. You did great, my Queen. I was going to say "Wow, you spent a fortune!" and then I read the text. What a steal...I should check my Michael's too. It's far away so I go with Dick Blick anyway... Blessings, O

  5. Ooooooh, lucky lucky you with the golden's at those prices! What treasures. So sorry to hear they won't be carrying it after though. I don't mind ordering online, but often the colors are so hard to gauge online -- especially the metallic ones. Anyway, have fun with the treasures!

  6. Wow! That was lucky! Good for you it was meant to be. Have fun!


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