Saturday, February 20, 2010

Working on the Artshine Sketchbooks

I have been working on my pages for two of the books in the Artshine Traveling Sketchbook. This has been such a satisfying experience.

These are my pages for Suki's book. Her book didn't have a theme but what I know of her is that she likes nature and she is a poet.  I was attracted to this picture and its serenity. I started with watercolor paper and added the image and then added black watercolor pencil to the background and then a some water to extend the color of the photo. I then stamped on top of it with a scroll stamp. I was going to add some words but decided to leave interpretation to the viewer.

For the back I chose a poem by Mary Oliver. First I added a watercolor wash of blues and greens using paints this time and then wrote the poem on top of it. Then I stamped on the little dragonfly's. I really like the words in this poem.

Next I started work on Lynn's pages.  I know that Lynn is an amazing quilter so I started my page by making fabric paper using strips of batik fabrics sewn onto some bristol paper. The I added the image and and several ribbons and then I got stuck. I love images of paths and doorways so then I added these words which seem to symbolize what the image means to me.

For the back of the page I took a piece of watercolor that I had painted previously. I added some images a little stamping and some words. I liked the calm look of this woman and she seemed to fit really well on the colored background.

I really like how these pages turned out. I am really loving working on these lovely  artists books.


  1. Loving the softness of these pages...soothing and pensieve in mood...
    What a wonderful collaboration.
    Enjoy your creative weekend, Kate !

  2. These pages are beautiful, Kate. The birds page is so soft and it. And the quilted page looks very tranquil. Fantastic work!!!!

  3. I can tell your heart was in these pages, so lovely and yes, they look soft.
    I hope you have a great weekend, you will probably be busy as ever, Hugs Mary

  4. Beautiful pages Kate. It is so nice when your work can reflect your inner beauty.

  5. Thank you so much for the wonderful card I received today.


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