Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lambs in Sweaters

On Tuesday I fell on the ice and hurt my left arm so I have not been doing much but reading and nursing my arm with a heating pad. It is just an extremely sore muscle not broken or anything like that.

My friend Kate sent me this link this morning and these lambs are so cute I had to share

I have been totally engrossed in the Olympics. I really like the short track and the half pipe. My two favorites Apolo Anton Ono and Shaun White have done very well. I am am just amazed watching Shaun he does such amazing things on his board and he is such a like able person. Watching the woman's downhill was hard, seeing all those women crashing at speeds over 70 mph I can not imagine what that felt like. It was nice seeing Lindsay Von win after all the injuries she has had to endure. Love that fighting spirit. It was great to see Canada awarded some gold medals on their home turf at last. I am a sucker for all the stories, the triumphs that these athletes overcome. It is so inspiring.

The Sun is showing itself today and the skies are a beautiful clear blue, I have to take advantage of that so I am off to take FLynn for a walk.

Have an Art filled day.


  1. What? Nothing to say about figure skating? Pairs or men's?

  2. So sorry you fell and hurt yourself. I join you in ouwie misery. Misery loves company.
    I hope you heal soon! (and same for me) LOL

  3. I hope your arm is doing better. Ya gotta watch yourself on the ice!

    I've been enjoying the Olympics too and Apolo and Shaun are two of my favs. Shaun makes it look so easy and he gets such heighth that it's mind boggling.

    I'm also happy to see some Canadians winning gold.

    Take care of yourself....and thanks for that link to the lambs. That made me smile!

  4. Thank goodness nothing is broken.Heal up fast. And keep on enjoying the great show !

  5. Loved the link. Too cute.

    This really isn't a good winter for you, is it? I hope your arm gets better quickly. And be careful for the rest of the cold season!


  6. Hi, Kate! I just received a postcard from you today - it's absolutely beautiful! I'm so impressed by the stitching, and I love the colors and the patterns. And I don't mind in the least that you wrote upside down, teehee! Thanks so very much!

  7. Kate...hope your arm is better.
    Love the little lambs are so cute!!!
    I am with you all the way with the Apollo and Shaun White. Watched both of them they are awesome. Last night I wanted to watch men's figure skating. My hubby put his foot down!
    OK so I watched it in the other room.

  8. I wondered where you were, Kate! This blog post and two others just now showed up in my reader. I hope you feel better soon. The Forgotten Garden book sounds up my alley :) xo, O


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