Monday, February 8, 2010

Drawing again

I have wanted to get back to doing some drawing in my moleskine sketchbook. I have been taking it to church again and sketching during the service. I find it relaxing and it really helps me to pay attention if I am doing something. I am not sure why I am drawing hats, it just seemed to turn out that way.

I drew this from a magazine image, I really like the woman in the picture although I really didn't capture her essence but still it was a good exercise in drawing.

This actually was a drawing from a magazine. I want to learn how to do poses and this was my first try at that. I added the tree and the feet and I know both feet wouldn't be going in that direction but I couldn't seem to figure out how to do it.  Perhaps next time.  I want to do this again.  I like to practice this way before I actually try doing this with real subjects.  The pictures don't move on you like real people do.

If there is some new technique you want to try I suggest you learn by trying what others have done. They seem to be my teachers of late.

Have an Art filled day.


  1. These are good, Kate. Maybe that's what I should do....practice drawing more often.


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