Friday, February 12, 2010

Our new second home

We picked up this today. We actually purchased it at a RV show last week. We took our old trailer in today and picked up this one. Its a 21 ft trailer 3 feet longer than are old one and much nicer. This one has air conditioning, a microwave, a built in CD player and radio and a bed that you don't have to take down everyday. I think it will work very nice for us.  Now I can't wait till summer.

This is a look at the interior, the side actually moves out so this area will look bigger then.

I started this age eons ago. I glues down this Mariners compass paper and then it sat. Then came the title and image. She was a magazine image that I painted over. I was disappointed that I did not make her more different than the original. This is what I had started with.

As you can see I changed the hair and the outfit a little but it still looks the same.  I guess I will try it again sometime and really work at making it different.  its funny how I thought I had been doing that until I looked at the original.

In this one I tried an experiment. I had all these little spirals and curly-q's that are remnants from some of the things I cut out with the Cricut. Instead of tossing them I decided to try and add them to a background page as texture. First I glued them down all over the page and then added gesso over it. Then I did my usual work of adding paper and stamping and more. I really like the effect of this. It was only done on the left page of this two page spread.


  1. You will be the traveling Queen this summer ! How fun !
    Really love the second page - great texture with your bits and love the fgures in it to.
    Have a sweet Valentine's Day weekend, my friend.

  2. I ditto what Kim said. Boy that bottom pic is something great. I like what you did with the words too. A traveling Queen of Creativity! xo, O

  3. Congrats on the new "home"....I bet you'll enjoy it this summer!!! Where will you go in it? How many of you will be using it?

    I really like the three girls page, the texture and their faces.

  4. wow! imagine all the places you'll go with your new trailer! congrats!

    also, love the new work, too ;-)

  5. Hi Kate.
    Lee and I had a travel trailer for many years.
    Our table area converted into a bed. The other bed was used by the kids. Hope you have fun!!!


  6. Great looking trailer! But I have to say after living in our RV (36.5") for several years I really don't want to do that again! Maybe for a quick trip but that' all!

    LOVE the bottom page with the Cricut spiral shapes added. In fact, that whole spread is fantastic!!

  7. A Queen needs a new Castle, and this one will take her where she wants to go! We do not have a RV, but we have thought about it a few times.
    We took a two week trip in a company perk RV when the kids were little and loved every minute!
    I love what you did with much lovely color...don't you hate it when a store stops selling a product you like...YIKES!
    Hope you are having a lovely winter, Mary


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