Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am obsessed with the Forgotten Garden

I have been obsessed with this book, maybe thats a strong word. Delighted might be a better word, all I know is the author has me in its grips. This is what I want to feel when I pick up a book, engaging characters, a mystery surrounding them, good setting a good story and more. It doesn't happen that often. If you like a good read check it out.

Its set in Australia and Cornwall and surrounds a 4 year old girl found on the docks in Australia, she is adopted by the man who finds her. She grows up and when she is told at 18 about this it drastically changes her life. She feels lost not knowing who she is. She never does find out and the task falls to her granddaughter. I love how the author gives you just a little bit in each time frame to get you interested and eager to know how it ends. I have another two hundred pages before I really find that out. I love being excited about something I am reading.

I have been working on a project in the studio but have nothing to share yet.  I have been getting some wonderful postcards from the DIY postcard swap and as soon as I get them all I will post pictures.

I hosted game night on Friday. Here is Arnie, he was first to arrive and grabbed the plate of chocolate chip cookies I was making. The plate was empty in no time. Luckily it was just the first batch.

Here are Kayla and Amanda Arnie's daughters and that's Tim in the background.  Everyone is all smiles they must be having fun.

This is Kristin with her new boyfriend Kelly. Tim is her dad. She grew up with Sarah. It was good to see her and meet Kelly too.

Jacque and a new gamer Sarah were just cracking up as we played a new game.

Even Jacque's son was enjoying himself. I like how on game night you can have a group of people of all ages and they all get along and have fun together.


  1. I love game night ! Unfortuantely they are few and far between around here...something to add to my make it happen list ! ;)
    Happy Wednesday !

  2. Game night....that sounds like fun. I used to do that back in the 70's. Maybe HB and I can start doing it now.

    Someone else mentioned this book so I've added it to my list.


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