Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Bride Wore Black

Os Saturday night I attended a Mystery Dinner Party. It was the Wedding Reception of Becky Giovanni and Stanley Simpson. I was the bride and I was the victim, I think I had a wonderful death scene.

and yes I wore black since I couldn't find a white dress at a thrift store I made do with what I had. You can see I wore my tiara which is sort of bride like. I was the daughter of a mobster so there was some underlying tension. Here I am with the wedding cake.

The dinner table all ready for the wedding party. I thought the organizers did a wonderful job. It was put on by my church as a fundraiser. Fun was had by all. When you attend one of these mysteries you are assigned a role and have a part to play and during dinner all the participants work at figuring out who the murderer is.

My friend Elizabeth who played Mrs. Simpson my mother in law, she was trying to sell everyone insurance. I wonder if she had an ulterior motive.

This was Harry Hitt now with a name like that what do you think his occupation is?

My friend Sue came as Stacy Sultry, cousin of the bride. She resents me because I broke up her romance.

Tom played the groom Stanley Simpson, the love of my life.

Then we have the murderer Brutus Simpson, my brother-in-law and my husband in real life. Yes I was murdered by my own husband at least he got it out of his system.

If you ever get the chance to attend one of these don't hesitate since they are a lot of fun.


  1. What fun! I had a giggle at you saying your real life hubby has got the murdering idea out of his system. lol I went to a Mystery Dinner once....the characters were on the Orient Express and I was a Princess AND the murderer!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I'm like Serena....I had to laugh about your husband being the murderer!

  3. I like everything I hear about your church. It sounds like a warm and wonderful place. What fun for a Saturday night! I've never been to anything like that. xo, O

  4. This looks like alot of fun. I will have to think about this for our church. You looked lovely all in black...And a Queen never forgets her crown.
    Loved this, Hugs Mary

  5. It looks like fun and you were a beautiful bride!


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