Friday, May 7, 2010

The Artistic Mother

I had looked at this book The Artistic Mother and thought oh this is nice looking but it doesn't apply to me. Then I started reading Shona Cole's blog An Artful Life. I loved what she did on her blog so I decided to check out the book again. I really love this book. Its main premise is to get mothers of children to make art but I found ways to make it my own. She has great ideas on how to be creative when you are a busy mom and it holds true for busy women in general.

There are great chapters on creativity, planning and creating space to do Art. I especially like her idea of an Art action plan. If you don't make any plans for your artistic goals then how will you ever get there.  I know it sounds simple but it is the true.  Sometimes I am just floundering with my art and these ideas were just the thing for me. These ideas are also like the micro-movements that SARK talks about.  Little steps always lead to results.  OK now back to the book..

In the media section there are 3 main topics, photography, poetry and collage. I am interested in trying to write poetry so I was immediately drawn to that section. The sections on photography and collage are also good.   I was also drawn to the projects, I think she has some really great ideas.

Here I took one of her organizational tools and tweaked it to fit me. I made a simple background, then made a copy of it and printed a weekly list. The other thing she had you do was a baby sitter list. Since that is something I do not need I changed the idea to fit my style and made a to do list for the day. I really think you can take the ideas in the book and make them your own very easily. She has some projects to do for children but I see no reason why you can not take the same ideas and either make them for yourself or for a friend.

I particularly like the vision statement banner project. I can't wait to make one of those. To have your ideas hanging right on your wall in an artistic way sure seems like it would foster those more often in your life.  Even if you are not a mom of young children you may still find some insights in this book.


  1. I saw this in the bookstore but passed it by because I thought it was geared towards children's projects. Thanks for the review. I'll take a look.

  2. Thank you for your insights into this book. I have looked at it often in the Barnes & Noble and I LOVE her blog but I have not bought the book yet. It's nice to hear about great books before you shell out the cash. I still would LOVE to get together with you. I am a stay at home mom of an 8 and 3 year old, but I have a pretty supportive husband who tries his best to help me find time to have a few hours of "artist alone time". I usually spend it at the Barnes & Noble reading the art books or working on my art journal in the cafe. Lately I have been crazy busy though and I haven't been able to do any of that, which is turning me into a grouch! I will let you know what my week looks like. See you soon!

  3. I've been thinking about buying this book - it's on my wish list on Amazon! I fancy reading it even more now... but I really should read some of the other ones I own first ;)
    Hope all goes well with your health issues. Thinking of you. x

  4. Oh my, thank you for the lovely review :) It sounds like you really have thought about it. I appreciate you taking the time to read my book and then to blog about it!


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