Monday, May 31, 2010

The Dancer

I experimented with this page. I added a image from a magazine and then painted ove it. Then I tried using a dip pen. I have heard people talking about using them on their pages so since I had one I thought I would give it a go. I ued two different nibs and had fun. All my white gel pens seem to have died, its annoying to say the least. I had to paint the outlines in this piece and I am not that great with fine lines.

In this page I took an image I liked and built the page around it. The image of this woman sleeping seems to evoke peace and sleep and wonderful dreams to me. I like how comforting she looks.

I have started work on a canvas, I just pulled out colors and lathered them on.  I am trying to use supplies that I rarely use or that are really old.  I'll be taking pics as I work on this piece and then show them all at once.  All I have is a background and then I have no idea what comes next but sometimes that is the fun in it.

I wrote most of this post on Saturday and today I did not do any art in the studio.  Every once in awhile I get this cleaning and reorganizing bug in my studio. It all started with buying a new storage container and that lead to getting more today and redoing how I store several things. Which led to cleaning everything, bookshelves drawers, floor etc. I worked at it all day and it still needs some work but I am too darn tired to do anymore.  The next thing I think I will do is go through those drawers that have things I never use anymore and gift those items to someone.

Do you have things stored in your studio that you never use?  Maybe its time to pass those goodies on to someone who would love to use them.


  1. I have a feeling that the rest of this week will be all about purging and re-organizing many of the supplies I have in my studio too. My friend is moving to California and cannot take much of her art supplies with her - she has asked me to take them and/or to find them new homes. I will definitely need to give up some things to make room for the new. That is a good thing, though, I think ! Spring is all about that,isn't it ? (It feels more like summer here but we still have a few weeks to go...)
    I hope your Memorial Day has some peaceful and creative moments in it, Kate. Big Love !

  2. I like those pages. Have you tried your dip pen with White Acrylic ink? It's a good replacement for all those white gel pens and it works on praticially anything.

  3. I like these pages, too, Kate. I do the same thing with my supplies periodically. I really like how you are doing backgrounds now, with the prints that contrast and complement each other. xo, O

  4. Are you the dancer?? I like that page and what it says. I use my dip pen with acrylic inks as well as india ink and I love it. And your "sleep" page is wonderful. I love the greens.

    I'm only about halfway through with my studio re-do and I'm exhausted!


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