Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spray painting again.

I made this page several days ago and then forgot about it. I really liked the image and just added some embellishment to go with it.

The weather is finally nice enough to do some spray painting. This background was done months ago. The cranes and dragonfly's were spray painted with a stencil.

This background was done with that gesso ghost writing technique. It was so long ago that I don not evwen remember what I wrote. I am a little rusty with my spray painting so the city did not trun out exactly right  but I still like it.

This is one of those pages that has paint on top of paint I never like the colors but with a little spray paint it came to life. These stencils were made with my Cricut electronic cutter.

This background was fun because I randomly used 4 colors of spray paint. The paper I used for the stencil was bought a long time ago. I just never had the opportunity to use it yet. I think it will be a fun one.

Here are the latest paint and pass canvases I have worked on.

On this one I added the sun. I had a hard time decided what to do here but my muse Zoe told me to paint a sun so I did.

I saw a mountain in the background   so I added several.

In the morning I am heading to Missoula for my daughters college graduation. I won't be posting till at least Wednesday, see you then.


  1. Wow, much good stuff here. I have been itching to get out the spray paints, too. I think the wind has finally died down over the past day or so....maybe I'll get some spraying done.

    I like the paint and pass canvases. The mountains are a perfect addition.

    Congratulations to your daughter! Have fun!!

  2. You are so prolific, my Queen! Congratulations to your daughter and I hope that you have a wonderful time. love, O

  3. I love the city scape the best ! Awesome !
    Enjoy your trip and your memory making moments, Kate !
    Big Love !

  4. This is all so wonderfu, Kate! I love the city scape. Aesome!

  5. I really like the city one, it is unreal and yet so eye catching...It give you room to think about what is behind the shadows. love this, Mary


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