Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Owls and sheep and more pages

It was beautiful out today so I headed outside to see if I could get some pictures of the owls and this one was out of the nest on a branch looking around

He is sort a cute but losing the baby look.

Then I turned around and these guys thought what in heavens name is she doing. I think they were happier when I was taking their picture.  That is Titan on the left and Athena in the middle and Emily on the left.

This today's journal page.  I seem to be doing  quite a bit of orange lately. I have been doing other backgrounds but none of them are completed yet.

This page is from a few days ago, more orange and some browns too. This page makes me want to head down to Utah or New Mexico.  I just love those red rocks.

I got a bunch of liquitex fluid paint really cheap and my color scheme seems to be limited to purple and orange pages. I think I have to challenge myself to come up with something different with the colors I have. I have decided that Liquitex is a cross between craft paint and golden fluid. Its better than craft paint but it is nothing like golden fluid at all.  I think its fine for journal pages and so forth but I do like the golden so much better.

Tomorrow I have that medical procedure I talked about earlier.  So I may not be here for a few days but then it may go wonderfully and I will.  You never know.


  1. Your owl friend is marvelous ! How funny that this baby looks like a wise old man already. Sending prayers that the procedure goes well. Big love and deep breaths to you, my Friend.

  2. Gosh Kate, this must be today. I will be thinking of you. Let us know how things go. Your journal pages are lovely as always. Peace and rest to you my Queen, O

  3. Kate, love the new pages. And the owl photo is fantastic!

    I'm keeping you in my thoughts today and hope all goes really really good.

  4. I hope everything went great this morning. I really, really like your new pages. I had to look again at the owl when you said he was losing his baby look. I didn't even realize he was a baby. He is cute, though, and the sheep are just too cute!

    I was just wondering yesterday when your procedure was going to be. Lots of peaceful vibes headed in your direction. ♥

  5. Beautiful oranges. I was telling my family about your owl family and they had to see the pictures. I know they will be glad to see your latest picture of your "wise baby".

    I hope that your procedure went well and you are resting and getting back to normal soon. Best wishes.

  6. What great pics! Love the owl.

    Your Desert Travel pages are brilliant...makes me wanna head to New Mexico/Arizona ~ :)


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