Thursday, May 20, 2010

Playing with glitter mist

I am back in town, we got Sarah all packed and her apartment cleaned and so the front room and the garage are filled with her stuff. Its amazing what someone can accumulate in four years
I did a little bit of art while I was gone and this is a journal page I did last Sunday.

On one of my shopping incursions I bought some of this. Its called glimmer mist and I figure to use it in place of spray paint and to use in backgrounds. I tried a couple colors in my watercolor journal just to see how it works.

Then I did a zentangle on top, I liked the glittery look it gives. I am looking forward to playing with this new art supply.

This page was lots of fun. I used paper embellishments for the flower heads and then painted over them with Inktense Pencils to bring out the colors, and outlined them with a stablio pencil. This was fun, I like it when pages have a sense of play.

Today I seem to be suffering from that lethargy that happens when you get back from a trip.  You have all the time to do things but you just can't seem to get back in the groove.  I know it takes days sometimes but I wish I could reintegrate to my life easier.


  1. Love these, My Queen, especially the bottom one, love how it came out. Very nice. I too have reentry problems...maybe everyone does? Peace and love, O

  2. I love glimmer mist as well.:) Nice journaling Kate. Flowers look awesome.

  3. With all the traveling I have done in the last two months, I so undertsand how you are feeling today. It took me a whole week to recover this time ! And now, my Mom is comig for a visit here, which will be lovely. At least I get my own bed too !
    Thank you, thank you so much for the lovely book you send me Kate. It is such a treat to get gifties and surprises in the mail like that. You are so generous with me and it really touches me. I promise to make good use of the book myself and then pass it on to someone I know will appreciate it too. Thanks again.
    Have a good landing weekend !

  4. I said the same thing when we moved. How did we acquire so much stuff in 3 years? Love the Zentangle and the journal page. The glitter mist looks like fun!


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