Sunday, May 2, 2010

Making Art

I was reading Kim's blog and saw this message so I took her advice and did my own page and another too. The idea actually came from Connie at Dirty Foot Prints Studio. Sometimes to make art you have to shut everything else off. 

I had done this background a long time ago. It was so rich that I did not know how to use it.  Then I found this image in the right colors and added some panpastel for shading and it came to life

Artshine Sketchbook

 The theme of this book is Love and all its forms.  Here I made fabric paper by sewing strips of fabric to watercolor paper and then added an image and trim.  I see this as mother daughter love and also love of reading.

Here I use my favorite picture of Sarah and I and a few words.  The background is done with Panpastels and some stamping.

I needed to make something for my church's auction so I took some stitched paper I had made previously and made postcards. These are really fun to make


  1. You have been busy ! I stayed off for most of the day too and got a lot done. Feels good.
    Have a cozy Sunday evening !

  2. Boy you really turned off the computer and created some really great ART! I bet it felt good! I enjoyed looking at it, too!

  3. You are so prolific! These are simply beautiful, Kate, all of them. I still haven't tried the strips, and still want to. This reminded me of how much I want to!

    Kim's idea was super-great. I think I will do this one day soon when LoveHubbie goes on a business trip. Great idea.

    Peace and keep up the great art,


  4. I must confess I did not do all this art today. The post cards I did on Friday and the Artshine pages on Thursday. Today's output was only the 2 journal pages...

  5. Love it all! Especially the stiching.

  6. This entire post is just a feast for the eyes! You really have been busy!!


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