Friday, May 28, 2010

Its coming up purple around here

During my convalescence I have been watching lots of art videos on YouTube.  I can take only so much inspiration before I really have to make art.  Last week I did quite a few backgrounds in my paper bag journal. Since I couldn't go another day without doing any art I decided to work on some of those backgrounds in my journal.   I picked these two purple backgrounds to work on.

This is what I started with, 2 pages of purples and blues. The page on the left was not really that dark.

I decided instead of covering this lovely background up with collage I would look for the art hidden in the background instead. I found these three ladies just wanting to be seen.  I wrote "although they were sisters sometimes it felt like they were miles apart."

This one had an angel in it. I keep seeing angels lately. This is the second one I have found this month. I do not know what that means but if I see em I will paint them. I  really enjoyed working on these two pulled art pieces.


  1. The sisters page is beautiful Kate. Love the dark colors.

  2. I really like these. The pulled art is so fun to look at!

  3. Loving the purple srprises you found. The three sisters is something I can relate to - I am one of three. My quote would read "Although they are miles apart, they will always be sisters." ;)
    Brava to you for using the art time to boost the healing! May that continue all weekend so that you feel like yourself again come Monday.
    Big Love !

  4. Love the panels, Kate!!!! Love you, too!!!!!

  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your 3 sisters. Beautiful paintings.

  6. Both of these pages are beautiful. The "sisters" page is my favorite even though I don't have any sisters!

  7. What a fun thing to do. Since I have just painted a bunch of journal pages I will now go back and see who or what is hiding in the creaveces of the paint!


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