Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gone to the dogs

It was bring your animals to church day. I had not known about it so Flynn did not come to church with me. During the service I drew a Raven. Most of the pets were dogs and they all seemed to sit in the same part of the sanctuary. When a song was finished or an important point made it seemed like one of the dogs would bark just once as though they were saying well done.

There was a ritual and all the animals received a tag to wear with a prayer for them. It was pretty cool. So Raven got his own tag and I took some home for the cats, sheep, owls and Flynn. I have hung my pets tags with my prayer flags in my backyard.

This morning the magpies were attacking the owls. Unfortunately I think the mama owl has been feeding the branchlings baby magpies.  The Owl are getting big and we figure pretty soon they will be gone.  Sure wish we had noticed them earlier.

I never tire of looking at these guys and taking pictures of them.


  1. Lots of animal energy here today, Kate. That is cool !
    The owl shots are so wonderful to see !
    I hope you have a good wise week !

  2. Love that you honored Raven this way. Great owl photos too. How are you feeling?

  3. The owls are just amazing. How exciting to have them right there where you can watch them.

  4. You're lucky you get to take pictures of owls. I can only hear them. Haven't seen one yet, apart from those in the ZOO. :)

  5. What a wonderful post! I love your raven drawing, the colors of the future towels are just amazing and the owls... no words for them, I wish I could see them so close.


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