Monday, June 7, 2010

Lots of Art Going Around Here

I have been in the studio a lot this past week and weekend. I actually have more done than these but I haven't taken pics of them yet. I seem to be just in the flow lately and that has been wonderful. I am almost done with the paper bag journal I have been working in. I feel the urge to finish those last few pages. Maybe that will happen this week.

 This background was spray painted previously.  I found this image of British School children and it reminded me of my own stint in a uniform.  I had attended Catholic school for the first 4 grades as a child.  I don't have many pictures from my childhood but did find this one that seamed to fit.  The writing was done with a dip pen and white acrylic ink.

This page evolved over a long period.  For awhile it was just the mermaid.  Then I was testing some rub-ons for another project and used this page.  The image of a woman drawing in the sand is a favorite. I thought I would try my hand at a poem for this page. Just a simple idea of what the woman might have been doing.

I started this in Sharon Tomlinson's class All about Faces.  It was a bonus video on layering many different napkins.  It was an interesting exercise but I didn't know what else to do with it. Then the other day I saw a women right in the page.  In this shot I just traced the lines that showed up. I was pretty excited about finding her and couldn't wait to get out the paints.

I am really happy with the way this turned out. I may have to try this on a canvas.


  1. This is beautiful Kate. Amazing how you found the face. Did you know that most of your art faces sort of resemble you? I have long thought that. Each one is different, yet there is a "you" in each one. I think it's the expression. Thanks for visiting my new place. xoxoxo

  2. Love that school picture ! Never went away to school ever but it reminds me of Harry Potter books...
    Sharon's class looks like fun ! Your face looks like you somehow - isn't it funny how that happens ?
    See you at BootCamp !

  3. Love all your pieces, Kate, but my favorite it the black and white with the school children!! xoxo

  4. I really like the school piece, I think because it is about black and white too. Hugs, Mary

  5.'ve been making some really incredible art! I love the woman with all the napkin layers. And of course the B&W page....I always love the sharp contrast of B&W.


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