Thursday, June 10, 2010

Boot camp day 4

Its Day 4 of Creativity boot camp. I am really having fun doing these exercises. Our exercise today was to take our camera out in nature and just play. I haven't done that in awhile so it was great to get out there and shoot just for the fun of it.  These are some of my favorite shots of the day.

One of the pansy's in my flower barrel. This reminded me how much I would like a macro lens for my camera.

This little guy is peeking out of the other flower barrel.

Some wild mushrooms that popped up in my flower garden in the backyard. I liked all the lines that are on these mushrooms.

Flynn was running around with me so he had to get a photo too

 These white lilacs smelled so beautiful.

Dave planted this foxglove just a week ago and it is looking lovely.  We are hoping some hummingbirds are attracted to it.

The prompt for today was heavy metal and here is the page I did for it.  At first I had a hard time coming up with an idea till I remembered these armor pages I had. I ended up layer copper lumiere paint over a burgundy Luquitex,  the color looks wonderful in person.  Then I added stamped images in silver.  It was a fun page to do.

This a page about a trip to see hummingbirds being banded.   I have been planning a post on this but I just ended up doing a journal page instead. I like having a nice record of an event that was so much funn


  1. Love the silver on the burgundy! I'm digging the journal pages - I'm doing something similar and appreciate having company!

  2. Wonderful pictures! Seems like mama nature is giving you lots of inspiration (Hello? Those owl feathers from the other day?! What a find! Owl can symbolize transition)

    Looks like you are really getting all the juice out of this experience!

  3. i, too, am working on an art journal for creativity boot camp so i have enjoyed looking at your blog.

  4. Heavy metal is really cool. Love the flowers, and that foxglove is especially wonderful!

  5. Great "heavy metal" page!! Perfect image to use for that.

    White lilacs....I wish we had "smell-o-vision" on the computer!!

  6. Oh, those fox gloves ! I want those in my garden !!!!
    Love the armor as your heavy metal. I think you can go along way with that image, especially as you face some of the challenges coming up. I will be thinking of you in protective armor surrounding your spirit and your heart.
    Big love to you, Talented and Brave One.

  7. Lovely photos.
    Your heavy metal page is pretty cool! I wouldn't have thought to go that way with such a prompt.
    As for macro photography, for my Nikon D40, I have a "macro adapter ring" which I can use to invert my regular lenses and take macro shots. It's a bit more work to get used to it but a lot less expensive than a macro lens. Just thought I'd pass that info along.


  8. Just making my way through the links on the artist blog hop. I'm glad I found your site. I love to draw faces too. I can't believe you were able to hold a hummingbird in your hand! I would have loved to do that! Good to connect with you.


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