Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Musings

I am loving my new clean studio. It really makes me want to work in there. I am trying hard to keep everything orderly and put things back where they belong once I am done using them.

 I tried something different with this page.  I have some walnut ink in spray form that I have never used so I tried it with some sequin waste and some stencils.  I left it overnight and it still did not dry completely.  I do not know if that was because it was over acrylic paint or if I had sprayed too much.  I thought I would use matte medium over the spots I thought were dry but they were not and  it smeared. I think I need to play with this a little more or even see if there is some  info on the net about it.  I really liked the look it gave me.

In this one I used a spray painted background and used this image that I thought was quite comical. It led me to thinking about the connection I have with art.  I really didn't think I would write about that.  Some times pages take you somewhere you had not intended to go. That is what I love about Art Journaling.

I was over at my friend Amy's house and saw the towels she was weaving and got inspired to get back to my loom. I am in the process of threading it but thought I would give you a sneak peak at the colors. These are going to be kitchen towels and I think they will be quite nice.


  1. Such interesting pages...I like the texture and the chosen photo of the top one.
    I like the humor in the second. I am finding it difficult to brings words to my pages in my latest attempt at art journal making. Maybe I should just do all the pages first and let the words be an after thought later on???

    How great that you also weave. What are the materials used here?

  2. I agree, the no rules thing is one of the best things about art journaling !
    I have heard that walnut ink sprays are not permanent, you may need a non water base sealer to keep them from running. Here is one site that sounded a little helpful :
    But playing is a fun part of it too, isn't it ?
    Happy Weaving!

  3. Love that walnut color! Hope you can make it work. I need to learn to use my loom!!!

  4. I think what you wrote (too much ink, over acrylics) is exactly what happened. I have the same problem with any kind of water-based inks. My solution is to spray, then blot with a paper towel over the stencil. Sometimes it works :-) Your pages look great.

  5. Love how the photo pops out from the background on the first one. And yea, ink's not good over acrylics. It doesn't dry.


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