Thursday, June 17, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp Days 10-12

Time to play catchup and  post my entries for the last 3 days of boot camp

Day 10 
Maegan had us really pay attention to our senses.  I spent most of the day working in my garden so I had an influx of beautiful things to awaken my senses. She asked the following.

Which ones stand out in your mind as being the most pleasant?  Hearing all the birds sing.
Were there any that were repulsive? picking up dog poop
Did any bring back memories from your past? other times spent outdoors
Did any motivate you to do anything particular? to spend more time outdoors
Did any of these sensations inspire you in your creations? yes
If you were to try and capture creatively any of these sensations, how would you do it? Paint birds, landscapes, flowers.

The prompt was full bodied and I really did not know what to do with this all I could think of was beer and wine I actually thought about this for days and then finally gave up.  Then I found this image of a wine maker and it seemed fitting.

Day 11

Today we were to make a time line of our life using this format.

For instance, can you see how if you had never have done _____, then you would never have met _____, who inspired you to do ______, where you suffered _______, which ultimately made you _____, which turned out to be the best thing. And then because you had to ______, you started doing ______, and that’s how you got here! 
This is a process for much longer than a day so I chose a short portion of my life.
If I had not sprained my ankle severely then I would not have had all that time on the internet, I would not have found Danny Gregory or Violette, which led me to decide once an for all that I was going to try to become the artist I always thought I was.  This in turn led me to changing the focus of my blog, actually doing some of the projects I saw in magazines, developing a community online, to taking many classes, to falling in love with Art journaling, to meeting Jamie Ridler and having her coach me, to having new ideas for a book I want to write, to joining wishcasting which has been powerful indeed. I could keep going on and on here.   
This is a fun exercise you should try it.

The prompt is HUSH......  I chose this image because it seemed like there was a hush around the area as this man showed these children this magazine. He appears to have the rapt attention.

On day 12 Maegan talked about dreams and how they seem to get away from us.  She suggested coming up with some baby steps to keep your dream alive. This is something I have been doing all along. but it is a good reminder to break thiings down smaller so the task does  not seem so huge.

The prompt for the day was smooth and I thought of Dolphins right away. Some of these prompts have been really easy and others quite challenging but then that is what htis is all about to challenge yourself.


  1. You are one busy woman!!!!!!!!!!! Journal pages are devine! Hope the ankle is better.
    Hugs, from me.

  2. It looks like this challenge was fun for you. I like all the pages you've done. Maybe I'll go back and read over her posts and try to do this on my own.

  3. It looks like you are meeting every challenge successfully and creatively. Day 11 looks hardest to me. I tried to fill in the blanks as I read your post, but could not. xoxoxo

  4. Brava for making it all the way through, Kate ! I agree with you about some of the the prompts being easier than other but for me the best challenge was seeing the class through to completion. Great job with the boot camp work, my friend.
    Hugs !


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