Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Surprise in the Mail

Look what I received in the mail today. A surprise gift from my sister Marianne. Now I have some of Kelly Rae's art, how cool is that.

Boot camp day 5 we were to listen to the old music tapes of high school years.  I started thinking of the music of my era, Beatles, Stone, Moody Blue, Turtles and so forth.  I didn't really listen to the music as I would of spent some time doing that and I had other pressing things to deal with.  I did remember those songs and the diversity of all the musician and the wonderful music.  I'm still singing the Turtles Happy Together. 

 Our Prompt was GROW and I decided to take a different tact by focusing on the garden. The letters were cut out with my Cricut machine with the Wild Card cartridge and writing was done with a Zig writer pen.

On day 6 we talked about creative style and doing things in the same way all the time.  Oh I am guilty of that.  I usually paint a background and then look for an image or paint one and then think of a theme to go with it.  So for this page I knew the prompt was fluid so I picked an image that covered almost the entire page.  I had one spot on the end so I took some unspun wool fiber and made a trim out of it by  making little loops and sewing it down the middle right onto the page. I wrote with a Uniball Signo white gel pen over the whole page instead of just the empty spots.

This page has had the angel on it for months, didn't know what else to add.  I found this quote in my file of words I have cut out from calendars and magazines. I like what it had to say.

 I have always wanted this chair and ottoman.  I have never seen any in stores here.  Maybe I have to take a road trip.  Are there chairs like this in your town?

 Another multi layered page.  I liked this image and imagine all sort of reasons why this woman is up on this ladder.
What do you think she is doing?  I hope you all have time for some art this weekend


  1. Hi! Very nice work Kate. I like that you took up the challenge to do something differently.
    I plan to do some art this weekend too.

  2. What a nice sister you have!!! Love all the pages...especially the one of the sea!

  3. Do you think your sister will adopt me? LOL! What a great gift.

    All your pages are just wonderful. I especially like the one with yarn stitched down the side, and the woman up the ladder is such a fantastic image. As for the chair, I'd love it too but you'd never find anything like that around here! Everything is very generic.

  4. What a great sister you have. As for the chair. The only thing I have seen like it is in the hospital rooms where I get my chemo. Mind you they are not covered near that nicely. But shape wise and footstool wise they are exact. Love Hugs and Blessings and I am keeping you in my thoughts.

  5. These are all great pages, but I especially love the trim on the fluid page!

  6. I especially like the Day 6 art. It looks very much like a beautiful coral reef.

    The woman on the ladder reminds me of a recurring dream I had when I was very young. Only I didn't have a ladder and it was a sandhill with windows. I could never reach the top because of sliding sand.

  7. What a wonderful surprise and what a fantastic gift!

    I am smiling because I recognize the image in your grow piece :) one of my favorite books!

    I also love fluid ... such great prompts and I love the variety your pages evoke!

    I would love to have you painting BIG with me :) I tend towards small, quiet pieces I can hide away (and if its small, then the mistakes won't be so glaring?) so it will be a stretch for me. But I am ready to get messy and play. Part of my being Fearless for 2010!

    I'd say, art boot camp is fearless too!

    I am trying to figure out how your blogcrawl works! My learning curve has been steep.

    xo Lis


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