Monday, June 28, 2010

Estate Sale

On Saturday I attended an estate sale in Utah. My friend Martha had died in April and she had a lot of looms, wool, wheels, yarns and fiber. I convinced two friends that we should go. I had not intended to buy a loom but I have always wanted one of these.

This is what I came home with. Its a Newcomb No. 3 Rug loom built sometime between 1890 and 1930 and its in pretty good condition.

This is the back of the loom. You can see it still has plenty of warp on it. These looms were used to make rag rugs and that is what I will use it for.  These are pictures I took before the loom was dismantled for transport.  Right now its in pieces waiting to be put back together.  I love the history of this loom.  All the metal parts are made of cast iron. I even have the name of the person who originally owned it.  I love knowing the history of things.

Hope Notes

These are the cards I made to go to that worthy project that Kim talked about on her blog, check that post for details. Or you can look at Patti Digh's original post about it here.  Basically the notes will go to women who are have domestic violence in their lives. The notes offer hope and encouragement to these women. I thought it was definitely a worthy project. I had some striped paper made so I made them into cards. I will add nice quotes inside and a note of encouragement before sending them off.

Thanks to all of you who have generously offered to make me flags.  Some have not given me an email address to contact you. I do need that to send you an address. Thanks so much.


  1. Oh neat! Tom's mom had a loom just like that and I got to make a couple of things on it. But she strung it all up for me, which was the hard part. I just passed the shuttle back and forth. lol

    Love the cards you made.

  2. Wow! That loom is fantastic! And how cool to know the history of it, too.

    Beautiful cards! I'm working on some, too.

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  4. i took a weaving class when i was a student at u of i in moscow years ago and loved it! i always thought i would have a loom someday. what a treasure - have fun!


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