Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boot Camp Continues

This is the last page in my paper bag journal. I feel great to have finally finished it.  I plan to make a slide show of all the pages sometime this week.

More Creativity Boot Camp

On Day we were introduced to morning pages. Well that was not a new concept for me and its something I already do everyday. So off to the prompts.

For Day 7 the prompt was Fly, a very easy prompt, I decided to switch from birds to butterfly's.  Instead of painting  the page first I glued down the image and worked from there.  I used PanPastels for the background and stamped blue butterfly's using Rangers Adirondak Denim.

Day8's prompt was Ornament and could be interpreted as beauty or grace but I chose to do the page literally. I found this page of vintage ornament wrapping paper and just wrote between the lines. I tried embellishing with my gold pen but alas it was a strikingly different shade of gold.

On day 9 Maegan had us go back to when we first started making art and to regain that sense of play.  The prompt was drizzle so I made a fun funky background with a credit card and added this image and then tweaked the background to extend the image.  This was fun and I enjoyed the play aspect of it all.

Time in the Garden

I have been working hard the last three days in my little flower garden.  It had really become a garden of weeds. I decided that I wanted to spend time there this summer and the time to deal with it was now.  After a lot of weeding, digging, clearing and such I manage to plant things in the half that get some sun.  In the shady half I am adding a little table and chair so I can sit there on those hot summer days and have a glass of lemonade . It will be like a little nook where I can escape the heat.  I still have a lot of work to do but it is heartening to see some progress.


  1. Kate, these are all really cool pages. The birds in the tree and the butterfly are my favs but I like the way you did the ornament page, too. Oh, heck, I just like them all!! I haven't done any work in my art journal for ages. I sort of miss it.

  2. oh the top one is amazing! but I agree they are all so inspiring.

  3. Slideshow would be great! I can't wait to see all pages together.

  4. Lots of good juicy play/work in your journal, my friend. Isn't it great how we can lose ourselves in the pages as we create ? That's what the committment to bootcamp is for me - committing to that time for my creative spirit.
    The garden sounds like another sweet place. I use my back deck container plants that way. A lot less bending and no weeding ! ;)
    I will be thinking of you under your tree with the lemonade...
    Happy Wednesday !

  5. I really like those pages. The butterfly, especially.
    Your little garden nook sounds great. Makes me want to do something similar. Keep on inspiring me - hope you share some pictures when you've got it the way you want and you're sitting there with your lemonade.


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