Friday, June 4, 2010

The Owls left us

The Owls have left the nest.  They may still be in our yard in one of the other trees but they are harder to find.  Its been so windy I have  not taken the time to go look for them.  I miss them being in the tree with the  nest.  I could count on them always being there.

I did this page a few days ago and forgot about it. I loved the frivolity of the girls in the picture.  Women friendship surely are the best.

This was a background I did with excess paint. I added the silhouettes with spray paint and it sat for some time. I was feeling down this afternoon and seemed to just be venting on the page so that is how it got the title.

I had spray painted this background last year sometime. I looked in my drawer of miscellaneous images and I found this image. Then I decided to do a page on this woman and my mom. It was only recently that I found out my mom had been on the Major Bowes Show. It was a talent show in the 30-and 40's and was in New York. She was a singer and all I know is that she lost to a dog act. I imagine her thinking back about that moment in time. She never told us kids about it while she was alive.

We are still having rainy colder weather still. For those of you having nice warm weather I sure do envy you.  Enjoy the sunshine for me.


  1. The young girls are having such fun. I wonder what they are laughing at?
    I hope you do not have many days feeling blue like the middle page hints to...
    And I wouldn't tell my kids I lost to a dog act either. What a terrible thing to have to overcome in life! LOL Poor mom. I bet she was a wonderful singer. Maybe she'd have made it on American Idol or American's Most Talented today!!!!!!!!
    Nicely done pages. What pens do you use for the writing may I ask?

  2. Lynn

    I am using Uniball Signo Broad UM 53 from Here is a link to the pen. I use both the black and white pens.

    My mom was a wonderful singer and she might have been on American Idol if she had lived now... she actually sang Sunrise Sunset at my brothers wedding. It was beautiful...

  3. Ther rain, the empty nest, the body stuff is definitely enoughto bring things down, Lovely Kate. I am glad you found solace and comfort in your art making ! Love the girls page (Girlfriends Rock!) and the story of your mom is so cool !
    We went from sunny and very warm to thunder storms and rain today. It actually feels good - the Earth needs it here I think. It means I can keep up the clean/purge/organize in the studio that I began two days ago. Almost there...
    Take care of you on the way back up...Big Love !

  4. Lovely pieces! Wish we were having cool, rainy weather still...we are edging toward 100˚F as fast as we can go!!

  5. All three pages are wonderful! Such a lovely fact you found out about your mother. So nice you cherish these facts in your art journal.

  6. I went back to look at all the posts I have miss. You have been in a real creative time zone, and everything is lovely. It has been really windy here also, it is hard on the birds. Hope your Owls are staying near. Hugs, Mary

  7. Kate, I'm catching the piece about your mom. Isn't it interesting to learn things about our moms after they're gone. I wish I could ask my mom so many things that I never thought about while she was alive.


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