Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Am Going To Creativity Boot Camp

First some more journal pages that I did before I get to talking about Creativity Boot Camp.

I have had this image for awhile. it came packaged with some Buffalo Fiber that I purchased to spin. Yes you can spin buffalo, they have a very soft down that is very warm. The background on the page was done with some glitter mist, colorwash and walnut ink sprays. I love playing with them. I use Golden fluid to paint the moon. Writing in acrylic ink with a dip pen.

This page came about from the picture and the thought of taking time out to re charge to cultivate those dreams we all have. I used a ZigWriter pen with this.


I heard about a Creativity Boot Camp on my friend Kim's blog.  It is run by Maegan from Madeline Bea Photography. It sounded like its going to be really good.  It runs for 2 weeks and there is work to be done everyday.  The class is free so if you are inclined go check it out.  It started on Sunday but I figured I could easily catch up.

Day 1 the prompt was Ivory. I took a piece of paste paper that I made last year and sewed it to the page. It had all these angular spots that seemed tusk like. I added sticker letters that look a little crooked  and then journaled.  An easy page. Now on to day 2 and then I will at least be caught up.

Day 2 was to write about owning the artists title. So I wrote about it and how I have dealt with it.

The prompt for day 2 is Picnic.  I decided to go on an artist picnic and take you along.  Now tell me what will you bring?


  1. Love the art picnic idea! Let's see.... I'll bring my new favorite supplies - metal tape and alcohol ink! Have fun with boot camp - it sounds like fun.

  2. Hope you are enjoying the Boot Camp. With our leaving on a trip soon, I just can't manage it. Love your pages...especially Buffalo Gals!

  3. Hey sounds great fun! I would join too if I wasn't so busy with everything else. Managed to catch a cold which is really slowing me down. I shall have to live the course through you and marvel at your wonderful creations!

  4. Aha, Two Queens at Creativity Boot Camp: what fun! I'll enjoy looking at your pages, too, Kate. Very, very nice, and lots of fun, O.

  5. These are really nice, particularly like the Buffalo Gals - very Malcolm McLaren!

  6. I love the art picnic!

  7. Those are awesome. So beautiful.

  8. Great pages, Kate! thanks for sharing the boot campk. Looks like it's gonna be fun. :)

  9. I apologize for not getting back to you about the boot camp. It looks like fun but I know I'm just not going to be able to give it much time right now. I like all your pages, especially the elephant page. I just love elephants!


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