Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prayer Flag Request

I am sending out a call for prayer flags, so let me explain.  As some of you know I am having surgery in July, A hysterctomy to take care of uterine cancer.  You also know I really worked in my garden to make it a healing place. Its where I plan to spend most of the summer, especially when I am convalescing.

Last summer my glitters sisters; a group of artists I met online all made prayer flags for one of us who was dealing with cancer. They were fun to make and something one could do to offer support so far away.  So I thought it would be wonderful to have more flags from my friends.  I have asked a few friends locally to make me one so I thought I would open this up to anyone who reads my blog who might like to do this. If you do leave a comment with contact infomation and I will send you my address.  My surgery is July 30th so I would like them before that, but if its later than that is ok too. I will just get Dave to hang them.

So if you want to do this you may be asking what do I do.  Most of my flags are 9 x 9 made from fabric,  you can make that size or any size you want but square works best.  You can decorate in anyway you want, even just write a word or phrase with a sharpie pen. You don't have to hem them or anything I will put them together when I receive them.

These are the prayer flags in my yard. The set closest were made by my glitter sisters and the others are traditional Tibetan Prayer Flags. If you go to this post you can see the glitter sister flags close up.

Some views from my garden

I invited my friend Kate over for lunch to see the garden.  Doesn't our food look lovely. We had Fettuccine Alfredo, a wonderful salad, ice tea and Mountain Huckleberry ice cream for dessert

Here is a plaque of the moon that I have added to a fence post.  I am so in tune with the moon that she had to have a place in my garden. It is comforting to see her there.

These are some pink daisy like flowers that I planted a couple years ago in honor of my friend Daisy Lupin.

These are yellow daisy and were planted last week.

This Dahlia is so gorgeous I am thinking of getting some more. Right now as we speak a mourning dove is walking through the garden just pecking away. Its like I am creating this space for me but all of nature is enjoying it.

Another cool thing that happened is I have discovered I can take my laptop outside and still access the Internet.  I couldn't do that with the old service we had.


  1. How wonderful ! I love the idea of having bits of love and prayer hanging around your healing place. I would love to contribute. I will joyfully addit to my summer art to-do list.

    Thanks for sharing your special place with us.
    Big Hugs !

  2. I LOVE this. I will be working on one for you and maybe, if I can get feeling better, I can deliver it in person. Count me in!

  3. OK it's finished. Check it out on my blog and I will get it to you soon.

  4. What a great idea, Kate. I would love to do this for you! Love, O

  5. Yes, yes, yes. Contact me at with your address.

  6. I would be pleased to make a flag for are a delight to know and share with. I have enjoyed our time together her in blogland. You have made me laugh and then touched my heart with the blessings of nature that you have shared. I have seen your art not only in a painting, but in your soul...thank you for coming by, your comment ment so much to me. I have missed our time together. Love, Mary
    You could even make a quilt out of the flags you get...:)

  7. Kate, you can count me in. Do you have any color request?

    Your lunch looks so nice out in the garden. Love the moon plaque....and I'm so jealous of all your beautiful flowers! I just don't have a green thumb.

  8. I had the same operation for the same reason 3 years ago. I would love to send you a flag!!!!
    Little Messy Missy

  9. I would love to make you a prayer flag, which I have done already all you need to do is email me your address.

  10. I'd love to do this for you Kate - in fact, already have your address and your flag is in the mail! Can't wait to see photos of all that love assembled.


  11. dear kate,
    i am honored to have a chance to hang my prayer for you with all this beauty and support.



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