Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer has Arrived

I would have to say we had our first summer weekend. Three full days of sun and warmth. I spent most of that time working in my garden.

Once more the owls that have graced our property have left me some gifts. I was working in the garden yesterday and found this beautiful feather. It is the biggest one I have seen so far. It almost looked luminous in the grass where I found it.

When you look at it with all the other feathers you can see what a range of sizes we have found in our yard. Dave found most of the small ones while he was cutting the grass.

A sneak peek into the Garden.

This is the small table I got  for my garden.  I love all the different colors of stone.  I am having trouble finding a chair to go with it. So for now its just an old cheap plastic chair.

and this is the Buddha who sits and guards everything.  He seems to give the garden a peace about it. I'll post more pics later, its pretty windy out right now. Tonight I am having a bonfire for the summer solstice, it should be fun. How are you welcoming summer?


  1. Summer solstice falls on a Monday as did the winter one, which is fun because we are doing another little added ceremony for it at my meditation class. In the winter darkness, I brought little soy candles with star cut out of paper to bring some light to everyone. I was looking for a symbol to welcome summer and I found that the rose is the symbol for the solstice. I am bringing a bouquet of roses from my garden to the class. I don't have enough for each participant but we can share bouquet.
    Enjoy your bonfire, lovely Kate !

  2. Kate, I'm sorry to say I must welcome summer with my air conditioner blasting and Progress Energy (Florida Power)loving me. It has unofficially been summer here for awhile now, if you calculate it by the heat index. I am already tired of 90 degree weather and it is only June! xoxoxo

  3. wow they left you lots of feathers!
    I'm celebrating fire with a glass of wine after a long work day out on the deck by our fire pit!

  4. wow - your garden is a magical place!

    Seems like I am celebrating summer with lots of ice cream ... didn't summer start 3 weeks ago?

    hope you have some shots of your bonfire ... what a great way to celebrate the Solstice!

  5. love your feathers and buddah...all pretty serene! happy summer.

  6. Summer here came in rather quietly but today it finally hit the 90's and I had to turn on the swamp cooler.

    Love your Buddha!! And the little stone topped table is a beautiful color. I can see you sitting there writing and working in your journal.


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