Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Collage Swap

My friend Janet is hosting this 6 x 6 collage swap. It was really fun to participate.

I was paired with my friend Judi and these are the collages she made for me.

Here is the second one she made for me.  I love how she added glitter to the robe.  The beads on the side also include a key. I think these are both really beautiful.

And these are the ones I made for Judie.

She really likes birds so I had fun making these two bird inspired collages.

Creativity Boot camp is over with now but I never showed my last journal page. The prompt was smile. This little two week exercise was lots of fun. I am glad I participated and also happy that I was able to do it all. Sometimes a sense of accomplishment is all you need to keep going.


  1. Those are all wonderful collages! Wasn't this a fun swap? I can't wait to receive my package from my partner and for her to receive mine.

    Congrats on completing the Boot camp. It's true that sometimes all you need is to complete a project in order to move on.

  2. Beautiful! I really admire your creativity, Kate.

  3. Lovely swap pieces. They feel full of love and peacefulness.
    Brava to you too, for getting to the Boot Camp finish line, My Friend.
    Big Love !

  4. lovely collages and journal page! made me smile. ;-)

  5. I love the collages you made for each other! I saw yours on her blog earlier. They're just perfect. The ones she made for you are gorgeous, too. I would love to make a prayer flag for you. I always regretted not being part of the glitter sister swap on that one. I think I have your address in my little froggy glitter sister address book that Kai gave me. :) But feel free to send it along again.

  6. Ohhh and I forgot to say how much I adore your garden. It's peaceful even just to look at here.

  7. Oh, all the collages are gorgeous! I'm going to add them to my blog, too so everyone can see them.


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