Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finding my way

Thanks to all of you who gave such great advice about my art slump. I took your advice and just decided to play. I realized that Tams's free class had started so yesterday I downloaded the videos and then today I watched them and worked on the first exercise. This is a really great class and its free. Check the button on my sidebar to find out more.

This is my initial drawing, it is supposed to represent me but it doesn't have to look like me. On the left we wrote words our inner critic was saying and then covered them up with gesso.

This one has the initial painting done. Most of this was done with watercolor crayons and some acrylic paints.

This final page I added the words. We were supposed to make a positive statement or a message to ourselves of what our inner critic was really saying. MIne says 'the world needs your gifts' and then to add a word on the face to embody that and mine was confidence. I thought it was a great exercise.and very empowering.


  1. Kate, this is so cool! Tam's class is great and it's FREE! I love your pages and the message you wrote. You're right, the world does need your gifts.

  2. Absolutely wonderful in all ways. I always think all the beautiful women you draw are parts of YOU! This beauty no exception. Love the exercise too...and how you carried it out.
    Wow. I'd say the slump is behind you.

  3. I really like it and the process/exercise you went through to do this. Keep it up! :)

  4. Brava brava brava ! I signed up fot Tam's class too but haven't gotten to it yet ! This is marvelous !


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