Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yellowstone Recap

We had a wonderful time on our trip to Yellowstone. I didn't manage to take that many pictures.

This is the view from Fishing Bridge, it was really beautiful that day.

I loved the seeing this little splash of yellow among all the green.

We managed to see four different wolf packs. We were watching a buffalo carcass through our scopes when this pack came across the ridge behind us. There were four adults and 5 pups. The pups got scared when they saw all people so they went back up the hill. The 4 adults made their way to the carcass and challenged the grizzly that was there. I ran for my camera but I really didn't get very good shots.

In this photo are two members of the Agate pack. The whiter wolf is the alpha and she is 9 1/2 years old and the oldest wolf in the park. It was really awseome to be able to see her. We ended up seeing 3 different grizzly's on that carcass. We also saw a grizzly with 2 cubs at another location.

When you go to Yellowstone in the fall you get to see these amazing bull elk. They hang out in Mammoth Hot Springs with their harem of cows. You can hear them bugling during the day and sometimes at night. Bugling is the sound them make to call in their cows and let other bulls know this is their territory. Its a really interesting sound to hear. We also heard coyotes and wolves howling too. There really is nothing like hearing a wolf howl in the wild.


  1. What an amazing thing to see wildlife in their actual habitat and to hear them as well. I have never done this. It looks like it would be fun and very relaxing. Welcome home, my Queen. xoO

  2. I just love all the wild life we see in Yellowstone. Love it there. Fields of dandilions and daisys stick in my memory too.

  3. That must be so fantastic to see so much wildlife. Yellowstone is on our "to visit" list but neither one of us has ever been there before.

  4. okay, i just wrote a comment that didn't actually go through!
    so this is my writing it again....

    l'm soooooo lovin' the wildlife...and I'm glad you shared that last's amazing to see the clan almost in a pose!

    I'm still thinking of joining NaNoWriMo....but I'm a big chicken and I'm terrified of committing and not making the count....what happens then, huh? lol

    ciao bella


  5. having a ball reading through your blog, you have so much to look at here..... your pics of yellowstone are so amazing xx

  6. Arney and I talk about going to Yellowstone, but for one reason or another it does not happen. I love your pictures, nature is a wonderful thing. Thank you for sharing, love this! hugs, mary

  7. I love wolves! We visited Yellowstone during our honeymoon so I have lots of great memories of it. Wonderful photos, Kate!

  8. amazing sites ! I am sure your mind's eye and your heart captured them for you even if you didn't get them on the camera.
    Happy Tuesday, Lovely Kate !


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