Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some sketching

I thought I'd do some sketching of my potential characters for my Nano novel next month.

The story concerns 2 teenagers from a tribal culture and my first attempt although nice was a much older woman. Then I thought maybe she'll be the mother.

I never draw men so this was a challenge, he looks kind of fierce like the chief or something.

Once again I tried to do a girl. I think she came out younger looking but not quite what I am envisioning. It looks like sketching characters will involve many more tries. It was fun though so I think I will do more.

A big thanks to all of you who headed right over to Ning and joined my network. I am really excited about the potential of creating a site where creativity and inspiration reign.  My first creative challenge is going to be so much fun.  Remember you can always sign up here or by clicking on the link in my sidebar.


  1. Already I know I'd love this story....your characters and the way you've drawn them make me want to know their story. Great job, Kate!

  2. I tried to go to NING but it kept locking up on me???? My computer? I'll try again. Looked good what I could see.

    Don't stop drawing!!!

  3. you have drawn such intriguing characters! i can't wait to read the novel. :-)


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