Monday, October 25, 2010

Following your dream

We all have these dreams, sometimes they seem in the forefront of your mind and other times they are so far away that we just can't see them. This how it was for me. It must have been two years ago or more that online classes and Ning sites burst onto the scene.  At the time I thought I could do that, I could have my own network, I could teach too.  The ole inner critic shot me down quite a few times, especially when it seemed like every artist seemed to have a network.  That critic would say what do you have to offer? There are enough classes out there, why even bother. I am sure you know the litany, we all have this inner critic to deal with. Sometimes we listen to it and sometimes we don't.

Ok fast forward to last week and this post.  That exercise was all about this said dream. When I did that artwork it must have set the stage.  Yesterday I was writing a friend about this idea and then I thought maybe I will do this in January.  I kept seeing one of Kim's rocks that for some reason was on my kitchen counter.  The message said Why Wait. I thought Kim is so wise, why wait indeed.  Now I had looked at that message many times before but it never clicked. It was a rainy cold day yesterday and I spent it creating my dream.  I would love it if you would have a look, if you would join, if you would tell your friends.  Here is the link


  1. Your bravery is so inspiring. I have exactly the same litany going on. The only way I can move past it right now is to create a free art journal workshop. There's no way I can start making paid classes right now. I'm happy with my decision, but happier still to be back here in the tail wind of people who are living the dream for realz. :) GO YOU!

  2. Brava, My Friend ! Listen to those voices telling you to fly. Those dreams are resilient enough to wait until we are brave enough.
    Enjoy !

  3. All the very best with your new venture, Kate ~ :)

  4. I say Just Go For It!!!! Good for you.


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