Monday, April 4, 2011

International Fake Journal Begins

I talked about the International Fake Journal Month the other day and although there was not much time I just jumped in.  In hindsight I should have read all the entries for March before deciding what to do but I had already begun so I will stick wit my plan.  If you decide to do this I recommend reading all the entries in March as there is some really helpful information. In fact you could do this any month you felt like it.  Its just that there area a group of people doing it together this month.

I found this small journal in my stash, it was free when I bought my Inktense pencils and I hadn't found a use for it yet. I thought it would make a great travel journal.

I started out with this opening page and came up with a name. I am a young girl perhaps twenty going on her first trip abroad with her grandmother. Its 1921 a time of more freedom for women.

First I purchased an extensive luggage set and get my packing done. Each day I am writing words in my journal and having a little drawing. I realized into day three that she would be using a dip pen and ink so I put away my gel pens.

I am leaving New York to travel to London in two days. First we'll take the train to the harbor and board a ship to take the journey. I drew the image with a dip pen and added watercolor later.  My plans are to challenge myself to use watercolor a whole lot more. I don't know how often I will show this, perhaps once a week and then just the drawings. I think it may be fun to explore new techniques and ideas.


  1. Kate, this looks like fun! I love the luggage set you drew....and travel by train is great. I'm sure your travel journal will be a wonderful story in words and pictures.

  2. A "fake journal" is such a fun idea. If I weren't so new to "real journaling," I might give it a try. I think I need to get some of the real stuff under my belt before I experiment with something like this, but I am definitely going to keep it in mind!

  3. I think fake journaling is a great way to try things in journal form that we weren't sure about before. I'm looking forward to seeing the world through Emma's journal!


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