Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time for self

Sometimes I end up adding too much into my life and there comes a day when you think about those things that need doing and then you are really stressed out.  I try to stop before I get to that point. I often have to let go and step back a bit.  Take a little time to regroup and take a look at all the restraints I put on myself and really decide what is important and what is not.

I have been doing something called the Daily Challenge.  Today it said Take something off your To do List. So I took off the Fake Journal.  I am three days behind and just don't feel like putting the effort to getting back in the groove with it. I will still do it but not in the time frame of the group.

I also decided to skip my knitting group and take the dog for a walk.  I grabbed my ipod to listen to John Kabat-Zinn's Wherever You Go There You Are.  Its my favorite meditation Cd to listen to when I feel life spinning out of control. Its not a meditation but a book on tape.  The calmness of his voice and thought of meditating like a mountain or a lake always bring me back to the present, to that moment of stillness that I am craving.

One of the things I learned at the Writers Spa with Jennifer Louden a few years back was about conditions of satisfaction,  We were to decide what we wanted to get out of the retreat.  We set those conditions at the beginning and then we were also allowed to change them too.  I decided to also use that idea today. I had set a goal of having my next class ready by May 1st and have been scrambling to get things done. Yes its driving me nuts and putting extra stress on me that I do not need. So I am letting go of that date. Instead of pushing for it I decided to take it slow and just do what I can. If its not ready till June well that is ok too!

So I have had an interesting day because I have done nothing that I had really planned to do. It feels great too! Maybe that is what freedom is all about.


  1. Hey Kate. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a word or two. It is true that with our sped-up world we discover so many things we want to do, so many things that get us revved up creatively that we jump in without thinking. Without thinking of the time involved (who wants to think about that?!) or the commitment to stick with it. Ah, to let go and ALLOW ourselves to kick off and do something like take the dog for a walk. Joy. Pure joy! I would counsel you to do that more often!

  2. What a wonderful gift to give yourself - I need to take this kind of time for myself too.

    Your comments about Jen's retreat make me think back to what I promised myself way back in Taos (seems like forever ago, doesn't it?) - I think I promised to stop apologizing for being who I am. I need to renew that goal - thank you for the reminder.


  3. Hope you get this all sorted out and find time for yourself to enjoy!
    I have just looked at my schedule for the next two months (April-May) and amazed at how many events I have given myself, deadlines, etc.
    Crazy me?

  4. spring fever has really made me push back a deadline or two. it is a good thing to realize your limitations and when you are not going to compromise the now to meet the goals you set.

  5. When I was working everything was a push. From family time to keeping house, and still find time to be creative. Then I was home and I filled my hours with project after project. This winter after the holidays I found myself in the doctor's office with hives and really stressed. It was like I had filled 6 months with things to make for Bazaar, and then a push to have everything wonderful for Christmas. In all that, I decided that first I am getting out of the constant crafting, and I am taking this year off from holidays. I think it is time for me to enjoy the bigger picture, Me! That sounds easy but it is not...but I am pledged, now if I don't start feeling guilty all will be good. Hugs, Mary. thank you for this post:)

  6. Sometimes, we just need to take a few steps back in order to go further. Stop. Breathe. Live. You did just that. Kudos to you!


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