Monday, April 18, 2011

The Postcards Are Here

 This was the first card I got.  Its from Jenny in Washington. She blogs at Bird in the Hand  Since I love birds so much I really liked receiving this one.

This one is from Kylene in Pennsylvania.  She blogs at Kylene Lynn Photography Its a great message.

This is from Sarah in California, she blogs at Juicy-S. The heart encloses other hearts, a bird and some leaves.  Its a pretty neat card and technique.  I really love it.

This mosaic came all the way from Australia. Genki blogs here. She tore all those little pieces of paper and then made all her cards this way.  Just fascinating.

This one comes from Samantha in Massachusetts. I don't have a blog address for her.

This lovely rabbit hopped to my house from Norway. I just love her. The lovely Laila blogs at In Laila's Corner

This snowflake is from Eva is Sweden. I have no blog address for her.

This one is from  Kim who blogs at Jumbled Hutch and yes she is from Wisconsin where I once lived. The papers on this one are lovely.

This came from Jeanne is Surrey, England. She is actually a blogger that I follow. You can see her blog right here

This is my bonus card sent to me by my friend Kim since she made extra's. How lucky can I be, I just love the colors on this.

I loved all the cards I got. This is a fun swap but unfortunately I only heard from a couple people on where my cards ended up. I put my email address on all the cards but that doesn't guarantee people will respond. I hope whoever got them did appreciate them. This is my second year doing the swap and I would do it again it really is fun receiving cards from all over and meeting new people and their blogs.


  1. It is amazing the variety of cards! I've received 8 so far ... most excited by one from Argentina! I have heard from quite a few of my recipients, although I haven't kept track. Only one person sent one without any address, email or website :(

    I am thinking I might do something this summer ... what do you think? I need to get planning!

    xo Lis

  2. I had a total blast doing this! My second year too! I have only gotten 8 of mine and heard from a couple of people too :(


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