Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Journal Spilling

I recently got a copy of this book. I was drawn to it because she uses watercolor a lot. I really feel watercolor challenged so trying some of her techniques really helped overcome that block and just play with the medium. She has some great exercises on dealing with the inner critic, something that often plagues me. There isn't a lot new in the book but just some ways of looking at things differently. There are sections on dyeing papers with inks that I am interested in trying too.  I also have never put the inner critic right on a journal page and that might be fun to do.

This was my first sample. I have a small traveling WC palette that had just a little bit of paint left on it. I didn't know what the colors were.  Over the past few years I have been buying some Daniel Smith watercolors.  I thought I would use up the paint and add the new colors. I have about 12 colors now so I think its time to start using them.

This was my second page, I love the swirly nature of it.  It reminds me of those pictures in space.  So maybe I can do watercolor after all. I need to change the thought in my head that says I am watercolor challenged. Now I am going to say I love watercolor and it loves me. I think that sounds a little bit better.

Do you ever buy and art supply and don't know how to use it?  How long does it take for you to really connect with it?  I got some new supplies in the mail today that I am so in love with.  But that is for tomorrows post.


  1. Love Diana and that book.
    Watercolor does take a certain looseness that is kind of hard to get at first, I agree. But you got some great results here !
    I inherited a bunch of texture products like molding paste, coarse sand textures, etc - all Golden and obviously expensive but I have yet to really play with them. Who knows, they may have to be passed on to someone else instead or one day, I will decide to just play...
    Happy Creating, Miss Kate !

  2. I'm not a fan of watercolor either. :) These look fantastic. I might have to push myself like you did, too. :)

  3. I love water color, but when I try to make something happen, it just doesn't look right. I love these background papers, hadn't thought of that. Have a great day, hugs Mary

  4. Your watercolor papers are beautiful. I love the swirly one that looks like space....that's exactly what I thought of, too.

    Several years ago when I was first really getting into mixed media art, I bought several gel mediums but then wasn't sure what to use them for. I still get a little confused by all of the different ones.

  5. I have that book too! I love it and find myself diving back into it over and over. Love your artwork!

  6. Hi Kate! I really liked her book and and techniques and just signed up for Diana's Inner Circle online class. We'll be using acrylics and watercolor oil pastels in that one. And your artwork and journaling are totally inspiring!

  7. i just bought some watercolor paints about a month ago and have had so much fun with them. i have no idea what i am doing but that fact has not deterred me yet. love your beautiful backgrounds.


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