Monday, April 25, 2011

Some great finds

Look at what I found at Barnes and Noble. I got a tip from my friend Jolene. I had showed her the gelatos and how cool they were and she said they look like those gels they have at B&N. It looks like they are being marketed to different groups. These don't have the nice paintbrush or stamp so they are less expensive. When Jolene saw them they were near the teacher section in the store. When I got there two days later they were all gone but I found out they had moved them to the clearance section. I got them 50% off.  This set at 12.95 was a deal but at half price an even better deal.

I also got this set of metallics which were priced 6.95. Sorry about the blurry photo. They have a little sheen to them, don't really seem very metallic, but there was a purple so I had to have that color. There are 4 colors and then silver and gold. I was going to order them online so this saved me a bundle. So you may want to check your local Barnes & Noble. They are marketed as Gels, but they are the same as the gelatos. Thanks for the tip Jolene.

I also found this cool tape at Michaels for a dollar. I got a black one too that is numbers, it just didn't photograph well. I think it would be great as a design element in my journal. I am off to play with my new toys.


  1. Great bargains!! I'm going to B&N tomorrow to see if they have any of those pens.

    I got the black tape awhile back and have used it on a couple of journal spreads. I really like it. They didn't have the white tape with a "J" so I didn't get any of it.

    Have fun with all your new supplies.

  2. I love using Metallic gels. I actually have some of these.I used them the on Shrine for children of Oaxaca. Have Fun Kate. Summer is almost here...hope to have more time to do projects with you.

  3. I know you are having just to much fun with all this color and gels. Thank you for sharing, I am so not educated to the things of art, this looks like fun. Hugs, mary

  4. You have such wonderful art materials in your stores. We seem to take a long time to catch up.

  5. I have no idea what a gel stick is, but when I see an art bargain I'm practically forced to find out...!! LOL Well done...enjoy the new supplies! From germany, tj


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