Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Simple ATC

I made this little ATC the other day. The background was made with ColorWash sprays and then stenciled using a doily. The collage elements are from a set from Zorana. It a set with an angels and birds. I  took the birds crown and cut it down a little to fit the girls head, used the angel wings for a dress and moved the words around a bit.  Its fun taking pieces of art and making them different, making them more your own. Sometimes when you don't have a lot of time for art, doing something small is really satisfying.

This past month I have been working on an Art Show for my church. We have quite a few fine artists in our congregation. I spent so much time working on the show that I really didn't have all that much time to do anything new for it. I just brought down a few of my handwoven scarves and a few older paintings. The opening reception was on Saturday.

Here I am in front of my little corner. I did get some nice comments on my work so that was nice. Around here if it not fine art you never get to see it. We had fine art, mixed media, weaving, pottery, and needlework. Everyone commented on how great it was to see things besides paintings. That was nice to hear.

Now I have time to get back to working on my class and then maybe some of my own work.


  1. What a lovely ATC, you are very talented!
    You are so cute in this photo :]

  2. Love the ATC. I've been working on a few ATCs too. You're right....working small is good sometimes.

    Good for you for adding other things to the art show. Too often people think fine art is the only kind. They're missing out on so much wonderful art that way.


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