Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Sketches

I awoke to find a new member in my flock. Some of you know I raise sheep and others don't. We had 2 of our ewe's die last year from old age so now we are down to just three Shetlands. It looked like they found a playmate.

Now this bunnie is cute but a girl has to have her chocolate so I am sure she is not long for this world.

Here is my sketch for Sunday Sketches. I was trying to make the writing in the background look smaller so it would appear to be the pattern in the wallpaper, but I think it could be even smaller.  I'll try that next week. To see what other sketchers are doing head on over to Sophia's blog here


  1. She's lovely, Kate. And I love how you write in around your art, little notes, things you're thankful for...sounds like you have blue skies and sunshine vs the weather last week. :) Hugs to you.

  2. Your sketch is absolutely GORGEOUS! You are truly talented. I especially adore the shading on her cheeks...always a great touch!

  3. She is lovely and I like your idea of writing turning into the wall paper. Recently I learned to write almost on top of the previous line, that makes a neat design....

  4. I like her. I agree, the wallpaper with the writing would look great - it is hard writing small, sometimes! Enjoy your blue skies and sunshine! xo

  5. I wonder if that bunny is still all in one piece this morning!! Bet there are parts missing!

    Love love love the sketch with handwritten "wallpaper"....great idea.

  6. This is very sweet! The background writing, giving a wallpaper effect, very clever... I love it!
    Happy Easter... who ate the chocolate bunny? :]


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