Monday, April 30, 2012

Art Journaling Again

This is great, I am not sure I want that much drama in my life.

I have been trying to get back to the art journal again. This one was made using panpastels. I hadn't used them for a face before, only backgrounds.  I love how instant the color is. I wish I had more colors though. That always seems to be the way. I always want a large color range and art supplies are so pricey that it is hard to do. I wish the art supply fairy would rain some dust down upon me.

In this page I ended up covering most of the background which was pretty cool on its own. I made it by layering 3 colors of paint, then placing a stencil down and rubbing off areas with a water/vinegar solution.  It made great patterns. I felt like collage this morning so I just went through my scrap box to find some fun stuff for this page. I usually post most of the things I do in my journals the exception was yesterday.  I did a Sunday Sketches drawing in colored pencil and when I looked at it that afternoon I thought yuck its awful.  I even ripped it out of the book and threw it away.  Do you ever do that?

My trigger finger problem has been giving me fits and couldn't afford another surgery so today I had a cortisone shot to deal with the pain. So my hand is pretty sore right now but it will feel better soon.


  1. The page done with pan pastels is so soft and pretty. I love the girl and her two-sided dress. I, too, wish the art supply fairy would visit me. I don't have any pan pastels...have never tried them.

    LOVE the other page, too. The colors are rich and warm, and that peek at the design underneath is perfect.

  2. I enjoy the creativity of your art today, Kate. I too had trigger finger years ago, thank God it got better. Healing wishes, xoO

  3. fun pages...sorry your finger is a bother. pain is not fun.
    yes ... no to drama!

  4. So sorry that the bod is giving you such challenges ! I hope the cortisone gives you the relief you need to keep arting to your hearts content !
    Hmmm, I think you need some play time and laughter. Any sources for that around you ? Be on the look out !
    Sending light and love to you from the rainy beach side.


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