Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ladies in Red

I had this two page spread that I wasn't sure what to do with so I treated them separately.  The first one was found art. I think the page need something more so I will let it sit for awhile. I see she has a purpose that she is running to but its not clear to me yet. Or perhaps she needs to have something in her hand. Ideas anyone?

This second page I was stumped and so I just drew a face.  I like how her shading came out.  I used titan buff instead of titanium white and found it to be really different. I may use that as a start for flesh tones more often. I am not sure I like her eyes though, I may play with them a bit more.


  1. I like both these ladies in red.

    I have been using titan buff for my skin tones, too. I got the idea from Mystele.

  2. Love the ladies in red! :]
    I really like how you incorporated the text into your art work, great work on this page.
    Let me think... maybe a bird taking flight? or a butterfly...?
    Just my thoughts. Take care. ((hugs))

  3. Nice red Kate. I'll have to try Titan Buff. I hate mixing skin tones. I never mix enough. Thanks for the tip. Your lady in red looks happy and excited.


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