Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Work in Progress

I haven't been feeling well as you know and have had the hardest time with this piece. My advice don't use spray ink over acrylic on canvas. When I tried to add the face the reddish ink popped through. I added several layer of titanium white paint. I sprayed on a workable fixative, used a heat gun, then tried gesso and zinc white paint. Nothing made any difference. I finally added old book pages over it and started over.

I started with the sketch from last year as a reference photo. I don't try to make it exact but use the sketch as just a guide.

This is an underpainting using just titanium white and paynes grey. A technique I am trying from Gritty Jane's class in Life Book.

Here is step 2, where I add color, there will be many more steps to come.  I had to stop for a bit.  I am headed to the hospital for my pre-op appointment. I will update this later.

Fantastic Video

Check out this fabulous video Sorry it wouldn't let me embed it so you'll will have to click on the link. A fabulous artwork in process using just pens and markers.


  1. Sorry you are still feeling so icky. It is so hard to concentrate on being creative when you feel off like that. I hope the surgery will bring you to a better place in the long run.
    I love how she is turning out though ! Very cool what the undercoating does !
    Take good care of you !

  2. I like the way the face is coming along. It's frustrating when you have to start over but sometimes that's the only thing to do.

    That video is AWESOME!!!! I just wish it wasn't so fast and jerky. I'd love to see some of it up close.

    Hope you feel better soon. Just rest and take care of yourself so you'll be ready for surgery when it's time.


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