Friday, April 27, 2012

Finished Painting

I thought I would show more work in progress shots on this painting I have been making. To see the beginnings of this see the previous post.

Sometimes the differences are hard to see but other times I think you will be able to see changes that I have made.

I tried making a movie of all the shots but it didn't work and I am not sure why so we are stuck with stills for this project,

Here is my finished version. I hadn't started out attempting a self portrait but she seems like one to me.  The raven is a totem animal of mine so you will see her often in my work.  In addition she may be the beginnings of character in one of the books I wrote for Nanowrimo. Or at least a sign to work on that story. For now she will be called Branwen although that character is a cross between a raven and a woman so she will look different when I really do paint her.

It interesting how art evolves.  When I started this canvas I wanted to do a woman and a bird. Then I gave up the idea and just started with a background and decided to see what developed and here I now have what was my original idea. I decided that its part of my process when I create.  I do this in writing too, I can't have it all planned out or I shut down.  I need to be able to just have it flow and let it evolve into what it will be. She was painted on and 11 X 14 gallery wrapped canvas. I used acrylics, spray inks, stencils and masks, WC crayons and a stablio pencil for final details.

Do you find that your art tells you something about yourselves?


  1. Kate, she looks great! And she does look like you. I like the raven on her shoulder with its head turned to look right at her as if it's telling her something...a secret maybe.

    I seldom have an idea when I begin to paint. I just let it flow. But I'm not sure my art ever tells me anything about myself...and it sure doesn't ever look like me. I just enjoy the process and let it happen.

  2. Wonderful art piece, Kate!
    The crow is certainly telling her a secret.
    Yes... I truly believe that is so, our art speaks to us.
    I question the colors I use, the shapes, the thickness of the paint. All tell a story :]
    The process is always the exciting part.

  3. Kate, when I first saw your current pic I thought "she looks almost like a self portrait". Then I read the post and yes...she does! Good job!

  4. A beautiful piece! And I especially love the crow! :)


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