Thursday, April 19, 2012

In the Studio and More

I won't talk about not blogging or when I will be back to it.  Or maybe I will. My church is having another art show this year.  Its next week.  I kept putting off working on thing for it and now I am almost out of time. So I will be in the studio working when I can with nothing to show here.

I also have been attending The Wealthy Thought Leader Teleseminar .  Its for 3 days on Livestream.  I got a seat because I am a premium member of the Right Brainers in Business Summit. Its for three days so I am trying to do art on the breaks and so forth. I don't know how well that is working but I'll do what I can. The content of this is conference is fabulous and I wish I was there in Vancouver.  Maybe next year.   
My surgery is scheduled for May 3rd, so this gives me time to make some art and participate in the show too so that is working out ok.

Sorry that this is such a boring post.  Ok I will add a video, I think I could watch this every day.


  1. I hope your prep for the art show is a fun creative time, Kate !
    It will be good to have something to do to keep you busy as you wait for the surgery as well.
    Hang in there !

  2. GREAT video, Kate!!! Thanks for sharing it.

    I know you'll make some good art for the art show. Just relax and play and it will be fun.

  3. She is "ROCK'IN IT!" :]
    Danielle LaPorte "The Fire Starter Sessions" book is a must read... wow!!
    Take care, Kate... sending healing thoughts your way. ((hugs))


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